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Enough of that. I’m Jason Norman, a struggling writer (also known as a “writer”) in Chesapeake, VA, the most happily married man alive, who’s spent the past eleven years helping local college students work their own English magic in colleges across Hampton Roads.

I’m still doing that, but authoring is my other area. A movie nut for my whole life, I got an idea out of almost nowhere a few years ago to put together some work on an area of the film world that doesn’t really get too much thought, except for those in it.

Preparation. We see so many performers working so hard to entertain us, doing their thing on stages, TV screens, and the movies. But how do they make that happen? How can the same person from criminal to cop, from victim to killer, from fantasy to reality and back again between roles?

Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Can a person just snap the fingers and morph into another persona in another setting and do a great job in all of them? Probably not – if so, everyone in the acting world would be bringing in huge paychecks, and the Academy Awards would have a much tougher time of it every year!

So how did they do it? You’ll find out! Read on to learn about some of the acting world’s legendary stars, who managed to turn so far into others that we forgot who they were for a few hours. I’m a huge horror fan, so we’ll spend quite a bit of time there. Almost everything you saw on NormanWrites is here, and a few more. Keep coming back – updates will be added all the time. There’s more and more ways to take an inside look at the acting world.

I’m a wrestling fan too, so there will be some other stories on that as well.

From 2014 to 2017, I managed to churn out four books on the acting prep world. McFarland Publishing was nice enough to do my debut book, Welcome to Our Nightmares, a look inside the horror world. It’s available for purchase everywhere, like below!

Over the next few years, BearManor Media has knocked out Behind the Screams (also on horror), Actors in Action (a piece on action prepping), and Before the Camera Rolled (a guide to get somewhere in the acting business).

Then, when my daughter was born in May 2017, I decided to knock out another piece. Having recently learned I have a place on the autism spectrum, I documented my first year as a father, and how Asperger’s Syndrome (a low-level form of the affliction) has affected me there. In November 2018, I published An Aspie Daddy with Kindle Direct Publishing.

Please check the spots below to grab up my books – and if you have any questions, comments, rants, concerns, please let me know in the Contact section. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Welcome to Our Nightmares:
  2. Behind the Screams:
  3. Before the Camera Rolled:
  4. Actors in Action:
  5. An Aspie Daddy: My First Year as a Father with Asperger’s Syndrome: